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Enerfin-Ironstone are committed to involving the local and regional community, including government, businesses and local residents, as planning for the project progresses.

Interested community members and stakeholders will have a number of opportunities to become involved in the project, including providing feedback and suggestions for the project team to consider in the project’s development.


The project team will ensure that the community is kept up-to-date throughout the project and will provide advance notice of any investigation or work underway on or near the project site.



Woolsthorpe Wind Farm is proposing a Community Fund which will offer financial support to local community projects through a grant program.


The grant program will provide up to $ 60,000 of funding each year from commencement of operation on the wind farm to decommissioning of the wind farm.


2022-September Permit Amendment – Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Enerfin's Osorio Wind Farm (318 MW)
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