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Enerfín promotes, develops, construct and operates wind energy projects globally.

It is the wind arm of the Elecnor group, a global leader in the energy and infrastructure sector. Established in Spain 60 years ago, Elecnor has a long history of stable growth, which today sees the company active in 50 countries with over 13,000 employees.

Enerfín currently owns and operates over 1 Gigawatt of wind energy generation in Spain, Canada and Brazil, and has gained worldwide recognition for its unique approach to the adoption of innovative technology combined with the sensitive integration of projects into local environments.

Boasting a long-term outlook, Enerfín designs distinctive projects which satisfy the needs and specifications of the places in which they are implemented. The company is especially committed to respecting the environment and integrating the area's historical, cultural and artistic values to its farms.

For further information regarding Enerfín please visit their website.

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Enerfin's Malpica Wind Farm (16,5 MW)
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